About us

Having seen the gap in South Africa within the training sector in mining and engineering, Mineral Mining Training Institute (MMTI) was established in 2010 to provide all our stakeholders with excellent training solutions and support through quality and flexible training interventions, while sustaining the highest business ethics.

With branches in Middelburg, Kathu, Brits and Botswana to name a few, MMTI serves to be accessible to all its clients and target audiences.

MMTI is ISO:9001:2015 accredited and it is also BEE Level 2 compliant.

Training Philosophy

We believe,

  • That training provided should be sustainable.
  • That we will treat all entities involved in our company with dignity and respect, while striving for excellence across all spheres within our company.
  • We have responsibility to provide expertise and opportunity to educate and develop our learners in a practical and viable way.
  • We are client orientated and offer training of the highest quality.
  • Our training methods and processes are fair, valid, reliable and transparent.
  • Each learner deserves the opportunity and resources to receive job-related and outcome-based training to enable him/her to do his/her job.

Mission purpose

  • Consistently provide innovative training solutions high quality training services to our clients.
  • Significantly raise the standard of training in South Africa in order to equip the people of South Africa with the best education possible, that can be sustainable.
  • Provide training that has meaning, purpose and value to learners and clients.
  • Provide training that ensures growth and employment among all South-Africans.
  • Instill within South-Africa the desire to be part of the process of lifelong learning and development in our country.
  • MMTI wishes to operate as an essential part of our business partners operation.

Marketing slogan

MMTI – Your quality training solution

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