Mining Courses

MMTI is fully accredited through MQA, we are proud and are able to make a difference in the mining sector.

With the following scope:

  • Mineral Processing: Level 2 (59305)
  • Mineral Processing: Level 3 (62769)
  • Mineral Processing: Level 4 (6889)

National Certification:

  • Mining Operations for Underground Hardrock: Level 2 (58739)
  • Rock Breaking Underground Hardrock: Level 3 (58760)
  • Surface Excavation: Level 3 (62869)

The Purpose of Our Training

We are customer focussed driven, meaning most of our practical training and assessment are done on site while in production. This is cost efficient and the shortcomings of an operator can be addressed with immediate effect. MMTI trust to engage with our clients to ensure quality of work is done. This is a win-win relationship so that the client can see the benefits for his company as well.

MMTI is your Accredited Training Provider that walks the extra mile with you!

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