Surface Mining Training & Skills Programs

MMTI is fully accredited through MQA, we are proud and are able to make a difference in the mining sector.

With the following scope:

  • Mineral Processing: Level 2 (59305)
  • Mineral Processing: Level 3 (62769)
  • Mineral Processing: Level 4 (6889)

National Certification:

  • Mining Operations for Underground Hardrock: Level 2 (58739)
  • Rock Breaking Underground Hardrock: Level 3 (58760)
  • Surface Excavation: Level 3 (62869)

The Purpose of Our Training

We are customer focused driven, meaning most of our practical training and assessment are done on site while in production. This is cost efficient and the shortcomings of an operator can be addressed with immediate effect. MMTI trust to engage with our clients to ensure quality of work is done. This is a win-win relationship so that the client can see the benefits for his company as well.

1. Rock breaking – Surface Excavation NQF Level 3


The Examine & Make Safe Surface Mines/Quarries Skills Program as well as the Blast Assistant Skills Program will remain Exit Level Outcomes in their own right as well as being included in the Rockbreaking Qualification. A third short course – Blasting Practices – provides the higher order blasting training towards the remainder of the unit standards to complete the Rockbreaking Qualification

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2. Mining Operations NQF Level 4


The Production Supervisor plays a critical role in the mining industry. Mining activities are often conducted under dangerous and difficult conditions, which have to be managed appropriately in order to preserve the lives of those working in the industry, and ensure operational efficiency. The Production Supervisor must adapt continually to changing physical conditions in his or her area of responsibility e.g. geology and blast damage. He/she is accountable for the occupational health and safety of the team, as well as for achieving production targets.

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3. Examine & Make Safe – Surface Mine, Quarries, Stockpiles & Dumps


The design of this Skills Programme however extends beyond FOG requirements. A more holistic approach towards ensuring a safe and healthy working environment has been adopted, whereby the contribution of the individual extends beyond mere compliance. People with this skills programme comply with the Fall-of-Ground regulations promulgated by the Minister of Minerals and Energy. The regulations require a competent person to examine and make safe a workplace (Competent Person A) and determine that such competence will vest in a candidate having achieved the requirements of the relevant skills programme registered with the Mining Qualifications Authority

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4. Blasting Assistant – Surface Mine, Quarries


Introduction In terms of the Explosives Regulations under the Mine Health and Safety Act, a competent person is required as a blasting assistant. . The competencies required by the Blasting Assistant are: • safe receipt, storage, issuing and transportation of explosives • the preparation of primers; • the charging of blast holes with explosives or the placing of explosive charges; • the connecting up of blasting rounds or circuits, and • to assist with the safeguarding of persons against the significant hazards associated with the use of explosives.

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